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How we define Web Design?


Are you looking for a website or homepage that perfectly fits the need of your business? With a beautiful design combining your personal taste and the best user-friendliness? Our web design is unique and every layout is different. We also optimize your page for best results of conversions and for top ranking in the search engines. Of course all our websites are responsive (adapted to all screens) and take advantage of content management systems. And we offer full multi-language support.

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Step by Step to your perfect website


We organise a meeting with you to know what are your needs and wishes for your new website.


Together we conceive the design of the webpage including all our best-practice-experience.


We create your website on our test-servers so you can follow and guide step-by-step our work.


Finally we optimize your page for the search engines before we put it online on your domain.

Let us explain our web services

In this section we would like to introduce some of the services that we are offering for your webpage. It is very important for us that our clients understand what we are doing, so here are some easy explanations about different aspects of our work.

What is responsive webdesign?

Responsive websites are the future of webdesign. 70% of the website traffic come through mobile devices. Responsive design allows you to access a site from any device (desktop, mobile or tablet) without ruining the layout. It will automatically adjust to the size of your screen. Every website we design now has this option in place. If you want to take your website to the next level, Mallorca-Webdesign is here to help

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO (search engine optimization) is a magic word in webdesign. If nobody finds your site on the search engines, it will be difficult to get visitors! We make all the adjustments on your site necessary to get a good ranking on the main search engines like google, yahoo, bing, and many more. There are the rules how to improve rankings, we adapt your website accordingly. For this we optimize your key descriptions, tags and contents. And we provide sitemaps, robot-files and social bookmarks for your site.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A Content Management Systems (CMS) is a software to facilitate managing your website and its content. For example: updating your textes, changing images, creating new products for your onlineshop or working on the layout of your webpage is much easier with a CMS then a hand-coded-HTML website. A CMS also offers sub-programs known as plugins or modules that allow even more actions. Mallorca-Webdesign works with the most popular content management systems such as Wordpress, Joomla or Grav. Depending on your needs we'll help you choose the right CMS for your website.

What is a call-to-action?

The call-to-action is a key element on a website. It urges the visitor to do something specific like "Call us" or "Buy now" or "Click here". It should be placed in a very visible position. Often presented in form of a button and an outstanding color. The call-to-action shall improve the conversion rate (precentage between users on your websites and contacts/sellings created by these visits). It is important to adapt this action to your needs: a webshop should urge people to buy or if you prefer people to call you rather then mailing you, the predominant information should be your telephonenumber. Mallorca-Webdesign helps you to find the apropriate call-to-action to your website.

All about domains & hosting

Every website has his address called the domain. A domain is divided in two parts: the domain-name & the domain-ending (.com, .es,...). Every domain must be unique in the web. Once you found an available domain that suits you, it can be bought through different providers (we would be glad to help you doing this). The next step is relating the domain to a server. A server is a computer which manages access to the resources (files, images, textes,...) of your website. Mallorca-Webdesign provides this hosting service if you want or we can also set up your website on an external server in case you might almost have subscribed this service elsewhere.

What is Social Media Networking?

Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus,...) are an important aspect to any good communication nowadays! But to take advantage of their powerful possibilities, you need a lot of time and good knowledge of how to communicate correctly! Mallorca-Webdesign offers the service to do this job for. We will manage all your accounts and keep them up-to-date. First of all we will implement all your social presences into your website, and make the sharing of your informations much easier. Then we will increase your number of social connections, so that the informations get to a higher amount of customers. If you are completely new to social networks, we can also help you to create these accounts or create them for you!

Why are languages so important?

The whole world has become a global market! And nowadays languages are one of the most important value. To give you the possibility to reach the highest number of clients, Mallorca-Webdesign provides a multi-language service. We mostly do spanish, french, german and english translations because these are the most commun languages on the european market. But there are no boundaries anymore: your website and all your other communication products can be translated in any language required for your business. The more languages you use to communicate, the more clients are able to understand this communication ... and finally to buy your products!

What is an online shop?

An E-Shop or Online-Shop is a virtual place where you promote and sell your goods using the digital network. It offers an 24-hour availability for the customer and gives the owner of an online-shop more possibilities to reach new clients to buy the products! Compared to a real store it seriously lowers the costs and increases profitabilty. Mallorca-Webdesign offers you different solutions to include your e-shop on your website. As the possibilities are very numbrous, please contact us for furhter details.

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